Stationery Subscription Services

Sometimes even the CartoGraphite crew grows weary of sleuthing for quality graphite in the wild.  In those moments, our tireless detectives sometimes turn to a subscription service that brings delectable pencil treats and more directly to their door.  Here’s a roundup of some of the subscription services that will allow one to get their stationery fix on a monthly or quarterly basis.

The subscriptions generally fall into two broad categories: brand-based limited editions and theme-based grab bags.

Brand-based limited edition subscriptions:

Blackwing Volumes: The Blackwing Volumes consist of quarterly releases of limited edition pencils that “honor and celebrate cultural icons and events.” For each edition, subscribers receive a dozen pencils in a gift box, a collector’s pencil sealed in a nifty plastic tube, and  one or more subscriber extras. The subscription costs $99 per year plus shipping. After all subscribers are taken care of, the pencils go on general sale at $24.95 per dozen until they are sold out.


Field Notes: The Field Notes Colors subscription consists of quarterly editions that explore “various themes, new papers, printing processes, and colors, frequently adding special packaging and other extras.” Subscribers receive two three-packs of each release, occasional subscriber extras, and two three-packs of the original Kraft Memo Books. Colors editions go on general sale after subscriptions are filled, and they often sell out quickly.


Write Notepads: Through their membership program, Baltimore, Maryland based Write Notepads releases quarterly limited edition pocket notebooks. Each member will receive an initiation kit including two variety 3-packs, two current limited edition 3-packs, a membership card, and various extras. In each subsequent quarter, subscribers will receive two limited edition 3-packs of the current release. Memberships are currently sold out; however, we have it on good authority that they will be available again in limited numbers in mid-May 2016. The first limited edition, “Lenore,” commemorates American author and Maryland native Edgar Allan Poe.


Theme-based box-o-stuff subscriptions:

ArtSnacks: ArtSnacks offers a monthly box of items geared towards artists: pens, pencils, markers, paints and brushes, and papers. A subscription costs $20 per month including US shipping. Discounts kick in for subscriptions of 6 months or longer.

SCRIBEdelivery: SCRIBEdelivery offers monthly shipments of stationery items including pencils, pens, and notebooks “designed to inspire you to use them.” The cost is $29 per month.

Maker Monthly: Maker Monthly is another monthly box of creative supplies. Each monthly box features a premium notebook accompanied by a set of pens, pencils, art markers and accessories. The cost is $20 per month, including US shipping.

Rad and Hungry: The Rad and Hungry subscription includes “Lo-fi goods from low-down travel.” Each monthly box is filled with office supplies locally sourced from around the world. Subscription prices vary from $25 per month for a single issue, to $18 per month for a yearly subscription. US shipping is an additional $7 per month.

Moustache Stationery: Moustache Stationery provides a monthly box of high end stationery items, carefully selected by a crew of self-proclaimed Paper Geeks who “live and breathe paper and other stationery products.” Each monthly box costs $39.95, with US shipping included.

iPen Box: iPenBox is a curated subscription box for the pen, paper and ink enthusiast, delivering a monthly box of products to your door. Each month, this mystery box will be filled with new, unusual, and innovative items from the pen, paper and ink world.

If you know of any others, please let us know or share in the comments.


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