CartoGraphite is an attempt to find, map, and share places that feature pencils, pens, stationery, and related items. We are not trying to list every single place in the world that sells pencils. We are trying to find the independent, undiscovered, and unexpected shops – the shops that pencil people will want to seek out in their travels. Yes, you can get perfectly fine pencils at the Big Boxes, MegaMarts, and Chain Stores, but you don’t need our help to find those places. And they don’t need our help to find customers.

Please use the form below if you would like to contact us. We will never share your email with anyone, automatically subscribe you to anything, or send you spam. We may contact you via email in response to comments, to answer questions, or in regard to giveaways or other contests. We are subject to the WordPress terms of service, which honestly we haven’t read. So we can’t vouch for their intentions.

We create our maps using free services and open source software, including Google Maps, icons from Google Design, and QGIS. Feel free to contact us if yu have questions about these products and services our our processes.

Thank you,
The CartoGraphite Team
Martin Rose, APCS #2160
Craig Crow


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