Finally, an Update!

Hello, friends! It has been a while, but I finally got around to updating the database and map. We have over 300 shops on the map now, but I know there are plenty of great places we are missing. Please keep the submissions coming in!


Choosing the Right Pencil

According to the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association, approximately 3.6 billion woodcased pencils were sold in the US in 2008. These pencils were made all over the world: in the US, Mexico, China, Germany, Japan, India, Korea, and a smattering of other locations. There are dozens of manufacturers producing an amazing array of brands, models, sizes, and graphite varieties.

With so much variety in the market, how are the pencil curious to choose? We have developed a simple flowchart to walk you through the selection process. Just find START, answer a few easy questions, and find the perfect pencil(s) for you! We have limited the selection to pencils generally available in the US, either through local retailers or via selected online vendors. The categories and decision points on the chart are arbitrary and fairly subjective, but we think they help make sense of the modern American pencilscape.

Once you have identified the right pencils for you, go get some from one of the shops on our map or on our list of great online sellers!


Big Winner #2

Congrats to Charles D. of Marietta, Georgia, winner of our August prize drawing! Your pencils will be on the way shortly.

Thank you to all who entered. We are now at 108 shops on the map. They are mostly in the US, with a few in Canada, Ireland, the UK, Australia, and South Korea.

Stay tuned for our next contest. As always, please submit your favorite shops via our form and we will get them on the map as soon as possible.

Prize Drawing #2

In conjunction with our recent appearance in The Pencil Collector, the official newsleter of the American Pencil Collectors Society, we are pleased to announce a new prize drawing. From now until August 31, everyone who submits a shop via our form will be automatically entered into a drawing for the prize pack shown below. As a special bonus for our APCS friends, include your APCS member number with your submission and you will be entered into the drawing twice!

Photo Aug 01, 11 00 48 AM

The prize pack features both modern and vintage pencils, including some old advertising pencils that should appeal to APCS members.

US entries only, please. International postage is too much for our meager budget to bear.

Big Winner

Congratulations to Maggie H., winner of the June prize drawing! The CartoGraphite offices are closed this week in observance of Independence Day, so your prize pack will go out early next week.

Thank you to Maggie and all who submitted shops during our first month. We now have over 70 shops on the map.

Stay tuned for our next giveaway, to be announced soon.

Prize Drawing

As an enticement to get folks to submit shops to include on our map, we are running a prize drawing. Now through June 30, each person who submits a shop for our map will be automatically entered into the drawing. One lucky winner will receive a prize pack of at least a dozen pencils and one Nock Co DotDash pocket notebook. Something a lot like this:


The contest is open to US residents only. Details are subject to change, as we are kinda winging it here.