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While we at CartoGraphite HQ love visiting the shops featured on our map, we also enjoy the convenience, wide selection, and low prices that can be found online. With that in mind, we have compiled this list of our favorite online vendors of pencils, pens, and related items. In keeping with our map, we are not trying to list every online vendor that sells pencils. Rather, we want to highlight a few shops that feature items we believe will appeal to pencil people. As always, feel free to submit your favorite online vendors via our form, and we will consider adding them to the list.

CW Pencil Enterprise – This is the online companion to the CW Pencil Enterprise shop in New York. This shop features a wide variety of pencils, both vintage and contemporary. Also available are sharpeners, erasers, notebooks, and other accessories. Follow their blog for sales and special events. – This is the online storefront for the California Cedar Products Company, maker of such brands as Palomino, Blackwing, Forest Choice, Golden Bear, and Prospector. They sell a wide variety of pencils and related items from their own brands, as well as brands such as General Pencil, Faber-Castell, Stabilo, Musgrave, and others.  Teachers receive a 10% discount on all purchases.

JetPens – JetPens is a source for a huge variety of pens, pencils, paper, and related stationery items. Many of the products are imported from Japan and are difficult to find elsewhere in the United States. Pencil brands include Tombow, Mitsubishi, Staedtler, and others. Their blog features many useful and detailed product guides, as well as occasional interviews and frequent giveaways. Free US shipping on orders over $25.

Zeller Writing Company – The Zeller Writing Company “strives to provide writers and enthusiasts with some of the best information, inspirations, and tips to help them develop their skills, along with a growing catalog of over 500 high quality products.” This small, family-owned retailer carries writing tools from Palomino, Kaweco, TWSBI, and others. They carry high quality paper products from Field Notes, Rhodia, Furrow Books, and others.  Zeller receives high praise for customer service and packaging. Free US shipping on orders over $75.

Papernery Pop-Up Shop – This shop is associated with the excellent Papernery blog. The shop features a “Curated collection of unique and hard-to-find stationery.” The selection is limited to about a dozen items, with offerings changing frequently.

Nock Co – All those great pencils need a place to live, right? Nock Co. produces a line of pen cases handmade in Atlanta, Georgia. Their cases are designed more for pens, but most well-loved pencils will fit just fine. Nock also offers notebooks and notecards featuring their own DotDash grid, as well as fine pens and other accessories. Free US shipping on orders over $50.

TombowUSA – TombowUSA is a source for a wide variety of Tombow products, including pencils (graphite, colored, and mechanical), fine pens, correction products, art and craft supplies and related accessories. Free US shipping on orders over $25. Watch for their frequent sales!

Tokyo Pen Shop – Tokyo Pen Shop is another purveyor of Japanese stationery items. They have a limited but high quality pencil selection and a wide variety of pens. Free US shipping on orders over $25.

CultPens – CultPens is a UK vendor that claims to feature “The Widest Range of Pens on the Planet.” Their variety of graphite offerings is impressive, with name brand pencils from Staedtler, Stabilo, Caran d’Ache, Faber-Castell, and others. They offer a huge variety of pens, as well as paper products, art supplies, pencil/pen storage, and various accessories. Free UK delivery on orders over £10.

List updated 12/4/2015.


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